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June 24, 2021

Congratulations to our 2021 FOS Grant award winners!

$1,000 to South Eugene Athletics

Friends of South has made a grant to the South Eugene Athletic Department for $1,000 in order to allow for gym rental of the Kidsports Civic Stadium facility. More space was needed in order to accommodate all the teams practicing during the full spring schedule.

$400 to South Eugene Baseball

Friends of South has made a grant of $400 to the South Eugene Baseball program to assist with the costs for running the scoreboard during the games. 

$2,562 granted to the South Eugene Math Department

Friends of South has approved a grant for purchase of 20 Graphing Calculators to be used in the
AP statistics class.

$500 granted to the South Eugene Soccer Team

Friends of South approved a grant of $500 to pay for entry tickets for South students to attend
the soccer playoff games.

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